The current textile industry is too dependent on raw materials from China.

Dependence on support industries is worrisome

Besides causing serious losses for the tourism industry,and holding up entire exports of agricultural products, the sudden spread of Covid-19 has also caused many difficulties for domestic as well as FDI enterprises.

A quarantined area.

Economy reveals inherent weaknesses

The global upsurge of the Covid-19 epidemic has exposed several inherent weaknesses and defects in the Vietnamese economy, especially those that are most vulnerable to external shocks.

At a gold shop.

Gold - Keeping a tight rein on untamed horse

“As precious as gold” has long been a common idiom in Vietnam, which indicates the pivotal role of gold in the society and has certain effects on the socio-economic development.

The once successful AGF brand has only left regrets for investors.

AGF - No more “Hero of Labor”

The decision to cancel listing of An Giang Fisheries Import Export Joint Stock Company (AGF) has just been announced by HOSE, which can be considered as the end for one of the first stocks listed on the stock market.

High mobilization makes it difficult to lend at low interest rates. Photo: VIET CHUNG

Lowering interest rates is precarious

Reducing interest rates is quite difficult when banks have to balance deposit rates appropriately to ensure input capital, meet capital safety regulations and also lending output.

Illustrative photo.

Urgent need to monitor corporate bond market

The Ministry of Finance is seeking amendments to Decree 163/2018/NĐ-CP on corporate bond issuance as an urgent solution to managing and monitoring the current very high growth of the corporate bond market.

Although China has pumped 1,200 billion yuan to stabilize its financial market, there is no need for Vietnam to loosen monetary policy.

Expanding monetary policy in wake of Covid-19

The negative impact on the national economy, as well as all countries neighboring Vietnam, from the sudden spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, has led to suggestions of expanding monetary policies to make it easier for businesses to maintain growth.

Illustrative photo.

No stimulus package against fear

Stimulus packages are launched by governments to increase demand and encourage people to consume and spend more.