Need to change the methods of price determination

There are four basic issues in the land revenue system in Vietnam that need immediate evaluation in order to adapt to the current situation: (1) completion of the land pricing system; (2) categorizing and specifying mechanisms that assess value of land in the market; (3) changing the system of taxation and applicable fees for land use; (4) clarifying that investments from land users do not increase land value.

Too little tax on public land

In developed countries, revenue from land and fixed property makes up 50-90% of the total revenue collected by local authorities, serving as the main source for urban development. Besides this, capital from land revenue also functions as a financial tool to regulate and control real property and urban development.

Criteria must be clear for tourism and eco-environment

With tourism becoming an important key economic sector in recent years, the Vietnamese Government has provided many mechanisms and attractive policies to support and create conditions for businesses to enter the field of tourism and travel.

TPBank is one of the few banks that apply automatic banking, or non-person transaction points - one forms of digital banking.

Digital banking a growing trend in Vietnam

Digitalization in banking began more than half a century ago and became a revolution when fintech technology arrived. Following this trend, banks in Vietnam have also started to develop digital banking in all aspects of transactions.

Criteria for Basel II a difficult challenge

Criteria for Basel II a difficult challenge

On August 28, Viet Capital Bank announced that it had reviewed and implemented a risk management model based on Basel II standards, and created categories of some routes of its own.

Vietnam Organica's organic products are now certified by the USA and the EU.

Vietnam aims for organic agriculture

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is drafting a project titled "Organic Agriculture Development for the period 2020-2030". Accordingly, Vietnam aims to rank among top 15 organic farming countries.

TKV still in the red

TKV still in the red

Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Holding Corp. Ltd (TKV) showed in its consolidated financial statement for the first six months of 2019 that the company has made profit before tax.

Rang Dong after the recent fire.

Disappointed with RAL

Although it was operating a good business, the recent fire at Rang Dong Light Bulb and Water Thermos Joint Stock Company (RAL) has caused a negative impact on the stock market.

It is necessary to expand the model of social housing but we must have specific policy mechanism for it, and make information transparent. Photo: LONG THANH

Housing development projects in satellite towns

Every five years, the population of Ho Chi Minh City increases by one million, with most people being office workers, students, factory labors, or immigrants with low and middle income. Meanwhile, the price of housing and land is sharply increasing over the years.