Steel makes sharp jump in stock market

(Saigon Investment) - Steel stocks have made a strong jump in the stock market since the end of the second quarter due to increased production, revived exports at lower tariffs, and the unusual and massive sale of shares by some company directors. 

State Bank of Vietnam appoints first female Governor

(Saigon Investment) - The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) appointed Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong as its first female Governor on 16 November. Faced with this formidable task, the challenges lying ahead for the new female Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam will be most daunting and onerous. 

Can Joe Biden heal a divided America?

(Saigon Investment) - Immediately after being predicted by some media as the winner of the election on 3 November, Joe Biden gave a speech on 7 November, saying that “This is the time to heal in America”.
Distributing dividends in shares is a "lifeline" for state-owned banks.

Commercial Banks can now distribute dividends in shares

(ĐTTCO) - Commercial Banks (CB) have been perpetually under stress to raise capital, which now has been eased by a State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) directive that allows banks to distribute dividends in shares in order to lower loan interest rates.
In an APH's plastic factory.

APH - New leader in plastic industry

(ĐTTCO) - For the last few decades, investors only referred to two leading stocks in the plastic industry, that of the Binh Minh Plastic Joint Stock Company (BMP) and the Tien Phong Plastic Joint Stock Company (NTP). The lead positions held for so long by these two giants was quickly shaken with the emergence of the An Phat Holdings Joint Stock Company (APH) in 2002.
BaoVietbank is difficult to get listed by the end of 2020.

Commercial banks hesitate to list on stock exchange

(ĐTTCO) - All commercial banks were supposed to list on the stock exchange years ago, but most have been unwilling to comply with government regulations. Now the latest government regulations require all commercial banks to be listed by the end of 2020. 
Bridge Thu Thiem 2 connecting from District 1 to District 2 has halted construction due to site clearance problems.

Inconsistencies in disbursement of public investment

(ĐTTCO) - Disbursement of public investment capital requires improved legal framework in the management and implementation of all public investment projects. Recent changes in policies and laws have brought about inconsistencies in the disbursement of public investment capital, causing further confusion in many localities. 
Non-performing loans weighing heavy on banks

Non-performing loans weighing heavy on banks

(ĐTTCO) - Notwithstanding the perils brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, the recent half-yearly financial statements of listed banks shows huge profits. Some banks even showed a profit-before-tax of almost 50%. Nonetheless, the banking industry is facing a high risk of increasing non-performing loans (NPL) in the latter half of the year, which many even extend into 2021.
Pandemic can worsen bad debt situation

Pandemic can worsen bad debt situation

(ĐTTCO) - The unpredictability of the Covid-19 pandemic will continue to impact the worsening situation of bad debts this year. Although, bad debts are currently being contained at a low level via Circular 01 issued by the State Bank of Vietnam in mid-March this year, which allows banks to restructure loan repayment terms, exempt and reduce interest fees, and keep all debt groups to support customers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it is clear that these measures are but temporary attempts to contain bad debts.
Challenges in agricultural food supply to HCMC

Challenges in agricultural food supply to HCMC

(ĐTTCO) - The demand for agricultural produce in Ho Chi Minh City poses several challenges in the management of the complex agricultural food supply chain to the City. 
At the the Green and Safe Food Fair.

Export standards must apply to domestic vegetables

(ĐTTCO) - Agricultural produce for domestic consumption must set the same standards as those for export to other countries. This ensures the health of all consumers, and creates a level of equal competition for growing clean genuine produce. 
Tra Su Melaleuca Forest is an attractive tourist destination in An Giang Province. (Photo: Sao Mai)

An Giang Province focused on enhancing tourism

(ĐTTCO) - An Giang Province, located in the Mekong Delta Region in the south western part of Vietnam, has been drawing a steady stream of both domestic and foreign tourists in the last few years.