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Vietnam must copyright its well-known brands

(Saigon Investment) - Ever since the Communist Party of Vietnam initiated a policy of economic reforms called ‘Doi Moi’ in 1986, the country has made impressive progress in creating many well-known Vietnamese brands. 

Businesses in Vietnam unaffected by India situation

(Saigon Investment) - Export and import businesses in Vietnam are seeing the effect of the new Covid-19 variant outbreak in India on all their activities. Although most businesses are monitoring the situation very closely, it seems there has not been much of an impact on activities within Vietnam, as a result of this virulent outbreak in India.

Vietnam needs measures to curtail financial crimes

(Saigon Investment) - Money laundering is becoming rampant in Vietnam, and if not curtailed, then money laundering criminals will soon find ways to legalize this money which then will find its way into reputable banks, or invested in projects in Vietnam. 
Ultra-thin house is a problem for road clearance in big cities.

City resettlement plan must favor local residents

(Saigon Investment) - Some articles in recent editions of Saigon Investment mentioned a plan of the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City to effectively manage and use some areas for development purposes. 
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Digital banking an option for quality human resource

(Saigon Investment) - The ongoing relentless Covid-19 pandemic has severely affected almost all business and economic activities in Vietnam, and valuable and qualified human resource has taken a serious toll with several employees being laid off or having to accept large pay cuts. 
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Congestion on floors affecting credibility

(Saigon Investment) - The ongoing congestion on the floors during trading in the stock markets in Vietnam, especially HoSE, is preventing investors from selling off quickly. This has led to loss in credibility for Vietnam's stock market in the eyes of foreign investors, and huge losses for many investors.
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Private entity steps in to relieve congestion

(Saigon Investment) - The entry of the FPT Company last week revealed an unprecedented new solution to the problem of congestion on the trading system on HoSE. So far, when looking at various options and solutions, the setting up of a temporary trading system by a private entity for HoSE had not been taken into account or even considered.
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Debate over amendment of Circular 01

(Saigon Investment) - In January 2021, the State Bank of Vietnam submitted a draft amendment to the Ministry of Finance for some changes to Circular 01/2020, asking credit institutions to restructure the time limit for debt payment, exemption, reducing of interest and fees, and keeping the debt group intact to support customers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. 
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Difficult to decrease interest rates

(Saigon Investment) - After reducing deposit interest rates, commercial banks have increased the margin between input and output. Accordingly, only priority areas have low interest rates, and the general interest rates have not decreased in proportion to mobilization. 
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Some stocks being side lined by investors

(Saigon Investment) - Even though the stock market has been vibrant and booming, investors are choosing to ignore and overlook many stocks, despite their value. Investors are seemingly aware that these stocks are more or less defunct, having almost no liquidity to back them up.
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Comprehensive solutions needed to upgrade stock market

(Saigon Investment) - The Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE) has just raised the minimum lot from 100 shares to 1,000 shares to reduce the number of trading orders by 20% to 25%, and lower the load for trading and resolving the current congestion of transactions.