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State-owned enterprises need more autonomy

The Enterprise Law stipulates that the legal entity of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) has full rights and obligations as that of any other enterprise in the economic sector with similar organizational structures.

Risks growing for steel industry

The steel market across the world recorded a slowdown as trade tensions between the US and China remain unresolved, and all major global economies showed a negative growth rate, with substantial decrease in production activities and a slowdown in demand for steel as well.

Vietnam to focus on capable investors in Summit

Speaking to Saigon Investment prior to the Vietnam Business Summit (VBS-2019), Ms Pham Chi Lan, former member of the Prime Minister’s Board of economic researchers, said that Vietnam is under a lot of pressure currently, and VBS-2019 will be a great opportunity to choose good investors and partners for future development projects.

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Manipulation of share price

With many falls over the last month, FTM (Duc Quan JSC) has given many investors’ huge losses. However, it is not a rare case to see companies like FTM fall in the Vietnam stock market.

Parkson has made a gradual exit from the Vietnamese market because of its inability to adapt to the new and modern retail business environment.

Saga of foreign retail brands

Twenty years ago the Vietnamese retail market started receiving many lucrative foreign investments. So far, we have seen many of these foreign retail brands come in as well as go out.

FE Credit's contribution to VPB's consolidated profits is very high.

Consumer finance companies supporting bank stocks

With the State Bank tightening the credit flow into the real estate market, which has been a key lending channel of banks, most banks are now facing inhibitions in building their plans for 2019.

The solution to attract more demand deposit at Techcombank is by promoting   debit cards and by cutting down several fees related to such accounts.

Banks compete to raise demand deposits

While smaller commercial banks focus more on competing to increase long term deposits, some state owned commercial banks tend towards raising cheaper cost funds from demand deposits.