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Vietnam must copyright its well-known brands

(Saigon Investment) - Ever since the Communist Party of Vietnam initiated a policy of economic reforms called ‘Doi Moi’ in 1986, the country has made impressive progress in creating many well-known Vietnamese brands. 

Businesses in Vietnam unaffected by India situation

(Saigon Investment) - Export and import businesses in Vietnam are seeing the effect of the new Covid-19 variant outbreak in India on all their activities. Although most businesses are monitoring the situation very closely, it seems there has not been much of an impact on activities within Vietnam, as a result of this virulent outbreak in India.

Vietnam needs measures to curtail financial crimes

(Saigon Investment) - Money laundering is becoming rampant in Vietnam, and if not curtailed, then money laundering criminals will soon find ways to legalize this money which then will find its way into reputable banks, or invested in projects in Vietnam. 
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Rapid growth of online delivery services

(Saigon Investment) - The sudden, unexpected and virulent spread of the Covid-19 pandemic brought about a change in perception and planning in consumer sales behavior, and many well established businesses made a strong shift towards online delivery servicing. 
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Pandemic accelerated growth of technology apps

(Saigon Investment) - Mr. Pham Viet Anh, an expert on business strategy and growth, believes that the Covid-19 pandemic has provided a favorable opportunity for the development of technology applications, and in this race, companies that are strong in finance will thrive, and occupy the most market share. 
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Small private sector firms need crucial breakthrough

(Saigon Investment) - Large private sector corporations could possibly provide the right nexus to play a lead role in rejuvenating the value chain once again, and give the necessary push for a breakthrough for crucial small private sector development in the post Covid-19 phase. 
Lack of linkage is a barrier for most Vietnamese enterprises.

Private sector unable to create necessary value chain

(Saigon Investment) - Vietnamese enterprises are facing setbacks and obstacles in the process to build value chains, which are essential for growth, healthy competition and more export opportunities in foreign markets.
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Cronyism a hindrance in small-medium enterprises

(Saigon Investment) - Private conglomerates in Vietnam have grown rapidly over the last decade, especially after a boom in the local real estate market following the country’s move towards global integration. 
VietJet Air is a proof of strength of private sector.

Private sector still struggling to gain strength

(Saigon Investment) - Vietnam's socio-economic development in the last ten years owes its success largely to the important contributions made by the private sector. Over the period 2011 to 2020, private firms have been investing in many major projects that have changed the face of the country. 
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Retail market shows strong growth in Vietnam

(Saigon Investment) - The prevention policy in Vietnam for the Covid-19 pandemic has been highly effective, and as a result of it, there has been very positive economic growth. Despite the global economic slump caused by the pandemic, Vietnam's retail market jumped in size. Vietnam can boast of being one of the sixteen most successful emerging economies in the world in 2020. The reason behind this was that many well known international retail brands decided to invest in Vietnam.
Private business sector needs strong voice

Private business sector needs strong voice

(Saigon Investment) - Several prominent businessmen participated in electing deputies for the 15th National Assembly, many of who have contributed greatly towards the betterment of society and the country. These businessmen hold prestigious reputations at home and abroad, manage well known brands, and are highly credible voices in the private business sector. 
An abandoned residential planning area in Nhon Trach, Dong Nai.

Land Laws not in synch with economic reforms

(Saigon Investment) - The Land Laws in Vietnam are quite complex, even though the State lays special attention on the implementation of the same since they were first established. 
News of the expansion of the military airport in Binh Phuoc province has been used by the land brokers to blow the price.

News of proposed project causes land fever

(Saigon Investment) - In recent years, any news of a project proposal by authorities in even very remote villages of Vietnam gives sudden rise to a flurry of activities. A once sleepy village is quickly swarmed by hundreds of cars, and thousands of people, all looking to benefit from a spurt in land fever, causing land prices to also skyrocket to unreasonable levels.