A corner of Phú Quốc.

Phu Quoc Island faces possible property bubble

(Saigon Investment) - A few years ago there were tentative plans to convert Phu Quoc Island into a special economic region, which had led to land prices skyrocketing across the small island district of Kien Giang Province.

Real estate favored as safe investment channel

(Saigon Investment) - In 2021, as also in coming years, real estate is forecast to be an important investment channel that will attract volumes of cash flow, amid a sharp drop in interbank interest rates. Only after the stock market, the real estate market is being favored by investors. 

Healthy growth preferable to set growth targets

(Saigon Investment) - Vietnam moved at lightning speed very early in 2020 as soon as the first cases of the coronavirus began to emerge. The country’s prompt and efficient response to containing and controlling the Covid-19 pandemic before it could cause much harm to its population helped in also keeping the economy afloat even as the pandemic continued to rage on. 
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Markets remain apprehensive of 2021

(Saigon Investment) - The final month of the year is always the time when big banks and strategic research centers prepare their financial statements and get ready to face the coming year and a new beginning. However, this year there is a very different air of apprehension for the coming new year. 
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Alibaba Probe Stirs Worry About What’s Next for Chinese Tech

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. led a second day of frenetic selling among China’s largest tech firms, driven by fears that antitrust scrutiny will spread beyond Jack Ma’s internet empire and engulf the country’s most powerful corporations.
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Difficult to increase interest rate in 2021

(Saigon Investment) - The last few years have seen an erratic movement of interest rates, which in coming time is more likely to depend on certain rules. The three factors to maintain a steady low interest rate being appropriate opportunity, advantage location, and good relations, are analysed herewith in the hope of maintaining low interest rates in the coming year and in subsequent following years. 
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City straddled with abandoned housing blocks

(Saigon Investment) - Thousands of abandoned resettlement apartment blocks that were built in the Thu Thiem new urban area in District 2 in Ho Chi Minh City are lying incomplete for many years and are now rapidly degrading by the day. 
Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc attended the investment promotion conference in Binh Phuoc in 2018.

Binh Phuoc strives to improve investment environment

(Saigon Investment) - Lying in the economic hub of the South, Binh Phuoc Province has various advantages of attracting investors and implement big-scale projects and promote the province's socio-economic growth.
The Pantone Color Institute has just announced the two main colors for 2021, namely, grey and yellow.

A sad Noel

(Saigon Investment) - 
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Marginal funds begin capital flow into Vietnam

(Saigon Investment) - Capital from marginal funds of MSCI has begun to flow into the stock market in Vietnam, but it is not enough to change the movement correlation in general in the overall market.
Lorry drivers at the Ashford International Truck Stop in Kent on Tuesday. Thousands of trucks are stuck on the English side of the Channel © Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty

France to reopen border with UK

British army will test lorry drivers for new Covid strain before allowing them to cross, but backlog may last days

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Foreign competitor pressure on securities companies

(Saigon Investment) - Increase of vast amounts of cash flow in the stock market has helped the VN Index go past the 1,000-point mark, as well as create conditions for securities companies to reverse the current poor situation after the first quarter showed negative results. 
Hotel de la Coupole, an iconic hotel in Sa Pa in Lao Cai province.

Tourism in Vietnam struggling under pandemic

(Saigon Investment) - The entire tourism industry in Vietnam has been affected by the staggering negative effect of the Covid-19 pandemic since early this year.