Contribution towards global prosperity in 2019 by country. Source: World Bank

Asiaphoria on down spiral

(ĐTTCO) - In 2013, the concept idea of ‘Asiaphoria’ was first introduced by Larry Summers and Lant Pritchett, both of who are professors at the Harvard Kennedy School in USA. As per their research, a consensus forecast of future global economy predicted a major shift towards Asia, especially towards two Asian Giants, namely, China and India.

Multitude factors play role in development of Eastern City

(ĐTTCO) - Ho Chi Minh City leaders are determined to see the development of a dream project of creating a high tech and modern ‘city within a city’. However, realistically the idea may take from ten to fifteen years to be fully actualized, as a multitude of factors need to be considered. 

EVFTA may boost flagging apparel industry

(ĐTTCO) - Vietnam will sign the European Union Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) in the National Assembly this month. This agreement is expected to boost the flagging textile and apparel industry. In the first quarter of 2020, the textile and apparel sector in Vietnam saw several companies face huge losses and slowdown in production.

DNY – Detrimental fall

(ĐTTCO) - The DANA-Steel Joint Stock Company-Italy (DNY) was once the biggest steel producer in the Central region and Central Highland region of Vietnam. However, soon after the company was accused of causing serious environmental pollution, DNY quickly lost its lead position and company shares plummeted.

New wave of business acquisitions not a concern

(ĐTTCO) - The sudden and widespread outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused many business stocks to plummet. This has been a serious cause of concern because it has led to a new wave of cheap buying and acquisition of businesses. This issue was discussed in detail with Mr. Dinh The Hien, (PhD) in a talk with Saigon Investment.
Businesses are the core to recovery of economy

Businesses are the core to recovery of economy

(ĐTTCO) - In conversation with Saigon Investment, Dr. Nguyen Tri Hieu, a finance and banking expert, said that the most important thing at the moment is for the Government to synchronize its policies in order to keep enterprises afloat and avoid them from going into bankruptcy in the present Covid-19 pandemic scenario, because enterprises are the very core to recovery of the economy.

Foreign investors will remain strong post pandemic

Foreign investors will remain strong post pandemic

(ĐTTCO) - The legal bottlenecks that have been throttling the real estate market in Vietnam, and now the current serious impact of the Covid-19 pandemic that is affecting all global economies, will surely push several businesses to the brink of bankruptcy. Dr. Su Ngoc Khuong, Senior Director at Savills Vietnam, analyzed the current negative scenario in a talk with Saigon Investment.

Because of the Covid-19 epidemic, teacher J.D had to ask for help in the streets.

Covid-19 is testing limits of human compassion

(ĐTTCO) - The firm directive of the Vietnamese government to implement social distancing for a period of fifteen days from 1st April has clearly helped in controlling the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic within all cities and provinces in the country.

Chuyển thi thể bệnh nhân COVID-19 tới nhà tang lễ Shamgar ở Jerusalem, Israel ngày 1/4/2020. Ảnh: AFP/TTXVN

Tình báo Mỹ đã sớm cảnh báo Israel, NATO về COVID-19

(ĐTTCO) - Quan chức Israel đã thảo luận về COVID-19 từ 5 tháng trước đây, trước khi dư luận kịp nhận ra mối nguy hiểm của dịch bệnh. Tuy nhiên, Bộ Y tế nước này đã không có biện pháp đối phó phù hợp.