Bridge Thu Thiem 2 connecting from District 1 to District 2 has halted construction due to site clearance problems.

Inconsistencies in disbursement of public investment

(ĐTTCO) - Disbursement of public investment capital requires improved legal framework in the management and implementation of all public investment projects. Recent changes in policies and laws have brought about inconsistencies in the disbursement of public investment capital, causing further confusion in many localities. 

Challenges in agricultural food supply to HCMC

(ĐTTCO) - The demand for agricultural produce in Ho Chi Minh City poses several challenges in the management of the complex agricultural food supply chain to the City. 
Is it worth looking for oil anymore?

Is it worth looking for oil anymore?

(ĐTTCO) - More European producers are saying energy resources worth billions of dollars now might never be pumped out of the ground.
Ho Chi Minh City sets high goals as new financial hub

Ho Chi Minh City sets high goals as new financial hub

(ĐTTCO) - The plan to create an East City that will serve as a vibrant financial district in Ho Chi Minh City has now been approved by the State Government. The East City will be known as Thu Duc City with the merger of three districts of Ho Chi Minh City.
Electricity industry at tangent with Government

Electricity industry at tangent with Government

(ĐTTCO) - The Ministry of Industry and Trade is presently reviewing a draft decision sent by the Prime Minister on regulating the structure of retail electricity tariffs for general public use, by amending Decision 28/2014. 
State support needed to boost consumer demand

State support needed to boost consumer demand

(ĐTTCO) - Exports from Vietnam were badly affected after the global supply chain was suddenly disrupted due to the unexpected and virulent surge of the Covid-19 pandemic early this year.
It is impossible to save the market or the whole economy by just stimulating supply but ignoring consuming.

Bottlenecks mar domestic consumption growth

(ĐTTCO) - Policymakers are seeing that in the current depressed scenario of the Covid-19 pandemic, the obvious shift would be to stimulate domestic consumption strongly which would then stimulate a growth in the economy.
Disease prevention and control is still the top priority, but we must minimize the decline and bankruptcy of enterprises.

Government precariously balanced in Covid-19 situation

(ĐTTCO) - The current volatility caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has compelled the Government to precariously balance between keeping the population safe from infections within its borders, and also saving the economy from collapsing. These two goals are proving to be very challenging and of utmost importance.
Seafood processing at VHC.

VHC - Risky investment

(DDTTCO) - The Vinh Hoan Joint Stock Company (VHC) is one of the few seafood companies that has maintained a steady growth since being listed on the stock market. However, the recent decision by VHC to invest idle money in the stock market has left many shareholders worried, as in the past many a giant company has fallen due to an out-of-industry investment.
Businesses fast digitizing in current Covid-19 scenario

Businesses fast digitizing in current Covid-19 scenario

(ĐTTCO) - Many businesses are now turning to digital technology in the current unpredictable scenario of the Covid-19 pandemic, after experiencing drastic economic losses with huge export orders and many international trade fairs being cancelled, while also being faced with the inability to physically promote or present their products to business partners.
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Policy on foreign property ownership in Vietnam

(ĐTTCO) - There is some concern over a policy that allows foreigners to own a private property in Vietnam, with some people worried that this may lead to a massive wave of foreigners coming to buy more houses and apartments. However, reality shows that this must not be a worry as several regulations restrict foreigners and limit them to buy houses in the country.
The Samsung Vietnam project in the Saigon Hi-tech Park in Ho Chi Minh City. (Photo: SGGP)

New ways of foreign investment attraction needed

(ĐTTCO) - The representative of Samsung Vietnam recently confirmed that it is not true that Samsung may transfer a part of its smartphone production from Vietnam to India. Samsung's factories located in Bac Ninh and Thai Nguyen provinces are operating normally and Samsung Vietnam continues to be the group's global production base.
A beach in Nha Trang city.

Tourism industry needs to innovate in Covid-19 scenario

(ĐTTCO) - The Covid-19 pandemic has created unprecedented circumstances and constant unpredictability under which all businesses must now attempt to function. The tourism industry has been hit severely and is reeling under cancellations and a huge lack of travel customers.
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Tourism industry in dilemma to revive again

(ĐTTCO) - The sudden and unexpected resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic in some parts of Vietnam has dealt a serious blow to the domestic tourism industry. The main concern now lies in saving and reviving tourism, and strictly curtailing the entry of illegal immigrants across our borders to ensure that another spurt of the disease does not paralyze businesses again. Saigon Investment spoke on this issue with Dr. Le Dang Doanh, an economic expert.