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Economic recovery faces unseen hurdles

(Saigon Investment) - The year 2020 marked an end of a tumultuous decade that was full of turbulent and unsettling events across the globe that affected the global economy in particular. 

Foreign capital needed to maintain sustainable market

(Saigon Investment) - Despite strong net selling in 2020, and positive moves in the last two months of last year, the results show that foreign investors cannot stay out of the market for long. Pressure from domestic investors is one factor that will cause foreign capital flow to reverse in the future.

Real estate favored as safe investment channel

(Saigon Investment) - In 2021, as also in coming years, real estate is forecast to be an important investment channel that will attract volumes of cash flow, amid a sharp drop in interbank interest rates. Only after the stock market, the real estate market is being favored by investors. 

Healthy growth preferable to set growth targets

(Saigon Investment) - Vietnam moved at lightning speed very early in 2020 as soon as the first cases of the coronavirus began to emerge. The country’s prompt and efficient response to containing and controlling the Covid-19 pandemic before it could cause much harm to its population helped in also keeping the economy afloat even as the pandemic continued to rage on. 
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Trade deficit with Vietnam impossible to handle

(Saigon Investment) - Analysts were not surprised that Vietnam was labeled with the tag of currency manipulator by the US Department of the Treasury. Vietnam was already on the watch list, along with ten other countries/territories, namely, India, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Singapore, and Malaysia.
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Loan on savings account risky for banks

(Saigon Investment) - Banks must crosscheck and verify all given information of a savings book or savings account holder before sanctioning a loan, so as to avoid any risk to the bank. Dr. NGUYEN TRI HIEU, a banking and financial expert, spoke with Saigon Investment to explain this issue further.
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Mortgage loans on savings book still common

(Saigon Investment) - Although the State Bank of Vietnam has warned against taking out loans on savings books, this practice is still very much prevalent and even gaining in popularity recently, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic when people are facing hard times. Commercial banks too are making a beeline to increase their cash flow by the end of the year due to a serious decline in credit growth.
Bitcoin has increased to four times of its value since the beginning of 2020.

Global financial markets remain unpredictable

(Saigon Investment) - Since the sudden and virulent outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic very early this year, the global financial markets have become unpredictable and in disarray. 
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Questionable branding of Vietnam as currency manipulator

(Saigon Investment) - The current top economic topic in Vietnam is why the US Department of the Treasury has termed Vietnam as a currency manipulator. There is also discussion as to why only Vietnam and Switzerland have been targeted in this report, and why many other countries and territories such as Taiwan and Germany have been spared by the top US financial body.  
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Corporate Bonds see impressive growth

(Saigon Investment) - The Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) saw 2,311 separate registrations for corporate bonds until November 2020, with 1,970 successful issuances valued at VND 348,400 bn, compared to VND 296,700 bn in 2019. 
The 110-villa project of Hung Loc Phat Real Estate Investment JSC is a typical case of the project has public land interlaced.

Pending projects to benefit from amended Land Law

(Saigon Investment) - The Government has recently amended a number of regulations in the Land Law via Decree 148, which will be effective from February 2021. Accordingly, thousands of projects on public land that were being held up for last several years will now benefit and be able to settle long standing disputes.
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Expectation of high inflation post Covid-19 pandemic

(Saigon Investment) - Governments are already concerned of any post Covid-19 impact on inflation, especially those in rich developed nations where the rate of inflation has remained low for many consecutive years.