Vietnam needs to reduce number of festivals held annually

The jitters and panic caused by the sudden eruption and virulent spread of the highly contaminable coronavirus across the globe has called for an indefinite delay or total halt of several important public events.

Difficult to reduce interest rates in 2020

In 2019, interest rates were adjusted by several measures taken by the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV), and interest rates have fallen in certain segments. In 2020, interest rate reduction is forecast to happen only if commercial banks show healthy operations by reducing capital costs.

QCG - Victim of unsubstantiated rumours

Even after ten years of listing on HOSE, investors holding shares of Quoc Cuong Gia Lai Joint Stock Company (QCG) are confused because of unsubstantiated and ambiguous information being sent out by the company. In the current real estate market, QCG is now on a downhill trend and expectations from the company are almost defunct.

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Growth of corporate bond investment

The corporate bond market has developed remarkably recently thanks to huge issuances of domestic enterprises and the support of Decree 163/2018/ND-CP which helped ease the issuance criteria. The corporate bond market is expected to continue being developed transparently in both quality and quantity. The rights of investors have been more protected with the target to make the corporate bond market a key fund raising channel of enterprises to reduce the credit burden for the banking system.

Vinfast, the Vietnamese car brand, is not 100% produced in Vietnam, but product information clearly determines the origin of components and re-assembly locations.

Vietnam must build more national brands

International trade brings benefits for all participants. Hence, most countries and manufacturers have volunteered to be linked and integrated with others to gain the benefits from international trade, including benefits from trade competition, commercial disputes, as well as benefits from projects which are implemented for the general purpose of social development.

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ACV plans worry shareholders

Airport Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) is the leading company in the aviation industry in terms of revenue and profit. However, most shareholders of the company are not clear about the company plans, such as the government divestment plan, or the plan to move to HOSE Exchange.

We must completely reform in order to catch opportunities from CPTPP.

CPTPP brings opportunities and challenges

It has been more than five months since implementation of CPTPP, Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership. Will the manufacturing and exporting companies overcome the barriers that had happened in the past, to breakthrough and utilize opportunities offered under CPTPP?

Price increase will not impact inflation

Many people have been worried that increase in electricity and petroleum prices in March and April will impact inflation, and make it exceed the government target of 4% in 2019. However, the inflation in the first half of the year was stable at around 3%. The inflation in June even fell to 2% (red line in graph).

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Free trade agreements bring golden opportunity for Vietnam

The Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) and the Investment Protection Agreement (EVIPA) that were just signed between Vietnam and Europe are a golden opportunity for Vietnamese enterprises. The government and authorities are completing the initiation phase which will require us to improve our capability and competitiveness to utilize the myriad advantages.