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Urgent need to monitor corporate bond market

The Ministry of Finance is seeking amendments to Decree 163/2018/NĐ-CP on corporate bond issuance as an urgent solution to managing and monitoring the current very high growth of the corporate bond market.

Expanding monetary policy in wake of Covid-19

The negative impact on the national economy, as well as all countries neighboring Vietnam, from the sudden spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, has led to suggestions of expanding monetary policies to make it easier for businesses to maintain growth.

No stimulus package against fear

Stimulus packages are launched by governments to increase demand and encourage people to consume and spend more.

Bancassurance will support growth in all banks

As credit growth becomes more tightly controlled, it leaves little room to improve the Net Interest Margin (NIM), as many banks are also increasing service fees for cross-selling activities. Among these, the insurance channel through banks or Bancassurance, is now becoming an important growth driver, especially in the Life-Insurance segment.

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Conflicting regulations impede investment projects

Over the last few years, the government has put in much effort in improving the legal framework for a robust business environment. Earlier, the government had issued Decision 35 on a new business development strategy and also encouraged increased business competitiveness through Decision 19 and Decision 02.

SCB representative presented flowers to artists participating in the program “Cai Luong-Hundred Years of Origin”.

Benevolent patronage sustaining Cai Luong

It is believed that without strong financial patronage, you cannot achieve a peak in the arts. The art of Cai Luong is an active example. If there is no support from sponsors, Cai Luong will find it difficult to sustain itself and stay relevant for future generations.

State Bank of Vietnam.

Hard for Vietnam to Cut Lending Interest Rate

Many central banks across the globe have followed FED and cut their interest rates. However, this trend is not expected to impact Vietnam’s monetary policy, meaning there will be no interest rate cut like in other countries.

Jyske Bank. Photo: VisitDenmark

Understanding Negative Yield and Inverted Yield Curve

Recently many newspapers and journals have talked about the negative bond yield or negative lending interest rate in Denmark and the reverted yield curve in the USA. This information is easily found everywhere and it gives the impression that the world economy is soon going to fall into a deep recession.

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Trading strategies for August

The interest rate cut of FED and the announcement that USA will impose 10% tariff on USD 300bn worth of Chinese products has created shock waves in the global markets, including in the Vietnam stock market. So what strategies should investors use in coming times, especially in August?

As used to be protected carefully by the government for a long time, BSR faced many difficulties when transferring to a joint stock company.

Investors lose confidence in BSR

BSR was once among the leading companies in terms of profits in the stock market, but now it has surprisingly posted a loss of VND 1,000bn in Q4/2018. This has led to a continuous fall in its share price, with BSR now becoming a nightmare for its many investors holding this stock.