A delegation led by National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan visited the high-tech pangasius farm of Nam Viet Seafood Corporation.

An Giang Province a model for eco-development

(ĐTTCO) - An Giang Province is located in the upper reaches of the Mekong Delta Region in the South Western part of Vietnam. In recent years, An Giang Province has effectively seized opportunities, and overcome many challenges such as natural disasters and spread of contagious diseases, while strengthening domestic socio economic growth within the province. 

High risk of oscillation through short-selling

(ĐTTCO) - Investors have for long been looking forward to high-end transactions such as secured short-selling and intra-day trading to be made official, and which will also create a fairness in the market. The recent draft Circular on Securities Trading Instructions has created an excitement in the stock market with investors awaiting to see a more robust bear market. 

City making effort to revive real estate business

(ĐTTCO) - The real estate business in Ho Chi Minh City has continually been taking a fall and even though the ultimate blame goes to the sudden outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, many other problems and policies need upgrading to revive the industry once again. 

Vietnam advantageously positioned for more FDI

(ĐTTCO)-The sudden virulent spread of the Covid-19 pandemic across the world has led to several vital multinational companies deciding to shift whole or part factories out of China to more affable and cost effective locations on the globe. Asian countries in closest proximity to Vietnam, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and India are all positioning themselves to provide the best business platforms for this huge foreign investment.

Foreign direct investment must be selective in Vietnam

(ĐTTCO)-Vietnam must be highly selective in choosing to bring in the most appropriate foreign direct investment (FDI) companies into the country. This effort must then be supported with effective reforms and resources. However, at the moment there are several bottlenecks in the domestic economy, caused mainly by the current global economic situation, that is holding back more FDI to enter.
Ministry backtracks on one-price electricity option

Ministry backtracks on one-price electricity option

(ĐTTCO) - The Ministry of Industry and Trade has now backtracked on its proposal to add a one-price electricity price option for domestic consumers, in its plan to revise the electricity tariff proposed by Vietnam Electricity (EVN). This was done in response to objections by several experts and consumers who raised the alarm against such a high tariff.     
Many banks now invest in corporate bonds. (Illustrative photo)

Banks divert investment in current scenario

(ĐTTCO) - Since 28 July, capital mobilization in banks has increased by 5.31%, credit has increased by 3.45%, while excess liquidity has pushed interbank interest rates to the bottom. In this context, banks have not only reduced deposit interest rates to save costs, but have also diverted investments into financial institutions.
The farmstay model has been mutated when agricultural land allocated for investment.

Farmstay businesses still not legalized

(ĐTTCO) - Any farmstay business that offers accommodation to travelers on farmland is against the law in Vietnam, as regulations do not permit farmland to be used as real estate. Investing in this form of business is also highly risky for secondary investors.
Is it worth looking for oil anymore?

Is it worth looking for oil anymore?

(ĐTTCO) - More European producers are saying energy resources worth billions of dollars now might never be pumped out of the ground.
Ho Chi Minh City sets high goals as new financial hub

Ho Chi Minh City sets high goals as new financial hub

(ĐTTCO) - The plan to create an East City that will serve as a vibrant financial district in Ho Chi Minh City has now been approved by the State Government. The East City will be known as Thu Duc City with the merger of three districts of Ho Chi Minh City.
Electricity industry at tangent with Government

Electricity industry at tangent with Government

(ĐTTCO) - The Ministry of Industry and Trade is presently reviewing a draft decision sent by the Prime Minister on regulating the structure of retail electricity tariffs for general public use, by amending Decision 28/2014. 
State support needed to boost consumer demand

State support needed to boost consumer demand

(ĐTTCO) - Exports from Vietnam were badly affected after the global supply chain was suddenly disrupted due to the unexpected and virulent surge of the Covid-19 pandemic early this year.
It is impossible to save the market or the whole economy by just stimulating supply but ignoring consuming.

Bottlenecks mar domestic consumption growth

(ĐTTCO) - Policymakers are seeing that in the current depressed scenario of the Covid-19 pandemic, the obvious shift would be to stimulate domestic consumption strongly which would then stimulate a growth in the economy.
Disease prevention and control is still the top priority, but we must minimize the decline and bankruptcy of enterprises.

Government precariously balanced in Covid-19 situation

(ĐTTCO) - The current volatility caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has compelled the Government to precariously balance between keeping the population safe from infections within its borders, and also saving the economy from collapsing. These two goals are proving to be very challenging and of utmost importance.
Seafood processing at VHC.

VHC - Risky investment

(DDTTCO) - The Vinh Hoan Joint Stock Company (VHC) is one of the few seafood companies that has maintained a steady growth since being listed on the stock market. However, the recent decision by VHC to invest idle money in the stock market has left many shareholders worried, as in the past many a giant company has fallen due to an out-of-industry investment.