The investors expect the big names such as Vietnam Rubber Group-Joint Stock Company (GVR) to be listed.

Absence of strong businesses on stock market

The numbers in newly listed enterprises in the first months of 2019 have plummeted sharply in contrast to the period 2017-2018. The reason that businesses are afraid to put stocks on the floor is due to the current stock market movement that is not as per expectations in terms of both score and liquidity.

Target for stock market capitalization to reach 100% GDP

Any prerequisites in capitalization of Vietnam stock market to reach 100% of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2020 would require more equitization, divestment in state-owned enterprises (SOEs), and initial public offering (IPO) of large private enterprises. 

Condotel projects lack legal framework

In a talk with Saigon Investment on the current status of condotel projects, also known as Condo Hotels, Dr. Vu Dinh Anh, shared the opinion that this condominium style was being considered as an unmanageable project due to its inability to assign specific responsibilities to various government agencies.

Caution in Real Estate Stocks

Caution in Real Estate Stocks

Over the last four years, many listed real estate companies have grown strongly in both profitability and competitiveness, thanks to the remarkable growth of the real estate market over this period. However, the expectation that the property market will soon step into recession, as well as the worry of the complicated movement of macro issues, has currently impacted the share price of all listed real estate companies quite negatively.

M&A activities in banking sector not strong

M&A activities in banking sector not strong

The banking sector has been considered the most favorable for M&A activities given the strong restructuring and the raising of capital in this sector over the last few years. However, in practice, M&A activities in the banking sector currently have not been as strong as expected.

Pharmaceuticals is the industry that attracts M&A in 2019.

M&A Investors Are More Long Term

The 11th annual Vietnam M&A forum under the theme “Going for Breakthrough” will take place in Ho Chi Minh City, on 6 August 2019. Will it help raise USD 6.7bn according to government target? Will the Vietnamese M&A market continue to bring more investment opportunities to investors as per expectations?

The Colombo Port City project in Sri Lanka, seen here, was funded by $1.4 billion from China.

Global risk of debt crisis with China rising alarmingly

China is the biggest creditor in the world and has invested huge capital for infrastructure projects in many developing countries under the condition that China will have the right to the raw material resources in borrowing countries. Studies done by USA and Germany have found that the risk of a debt crisis is rising alarmingly.

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Lack of standards in choosing investors for waste treatment

At a discussion with Sai Gon Investment, Nguyen Quang Huan (picture), Chairman of HALCOM Vietnam JSC said that one of the bottlenecks in implementing waste treatment projects is a lack of standards in choosing investors. This has also created barriers in bringing in genuine investors who approach for investing in such projects.

FED rate cut will not impact Vietnam interest rate

FED rate cut will not impact Vietnam interest rate

Some Central Banks across the globe have eased their monetary policies to support economic growth. The market also expects FED to cut the interest rate in the next meeting in July. Will the monetary easing of other countries impact the monetary policy of Vietnam?

Movement of cash flow from state treasury impacts markets

Movement of cash flow from state treasury impacts markets

Since 2017, due to slowdown in public investments, the State Treasury has deposited its money in commercial banks. These money amounts are proceedings of government bond issuance. Recently, the movement of the cash flow from the State Treasury has impacted significantly the market interest rate and the stability of the financial market.