Businesses must seek opportunities in adversity

The Covid-19 pandemic is causing havoc and a lot of panic in Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, South Korea and Iran. Even in the US, the government has now declared it a national emergency.

The Second Virus Shockwave Is Hitting China’s Factories Already

Since last week, emails from foreign clients have been flooding into export manager Grace Gao’s in-box, asking to delay orders already made, putting goods ready to be shipped on hold until further notice, or asking for payment grace periods of up to two months.

The impact of new regulations will strongly affect commercial banks with state capital.

New regulations to affect profitability of banks

At the beginning of 2020, many new legal regulations will officially take effect in the banking industry. These regulations will have a profound impact on different levels of banking and influence business results of several Joint Stock Commercial Banks.

A new residential area in Binh Chanh district, Ho Chi Minh City

Real estate situation differs across Vietnam

While Ho Chi Minh City is trying to play it safe with urban real estate development, Vietnam’s provincial cities are witnessing billion-dollar projects established by private investors. Subsequently, experts cannot seem to predict a clear future for the market in 2020.

An Ha Company had to take out a loan of about US$4 million for equipment and machineries that are still not being used

Industrial slaughterhouse facilities in HCMC still dormant

With Ho Chi Minh City aiming to replace all traditional slaughterhouses by September 2019 with six industrial ones, many businesses scrambled to find funding for their facilities on time. Nevertheless, various administrative roadblocks have kept a lot of them from being put into operation.

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Increase in revenue for Ho Chi Minh City is justified

In my opinion, it is acceptable for Ho Chi Minh City to ask for an increase in the percentage of revenue it can keep, from 18% for the 2018-2020 period, to 24% for the 2021-2025 period, and 33% for the 2026-2030 period, similar to that in 2003.

Mr. Do Quang Hien, a typical Vietnamese businessman.

"Impresario" Hien - A typical Vietnamese businessman

Prior to the Prime Minister's Meeting with Enterprises in Hanoi today, December 23, Saigon Investment had an interview with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Dinh Thien (pictured), former Director of Vietnam Economics Institute, a member of the Economic Advisory Team of the Prime Minister.

VHG - Misguided business focus

VHG - Misguided business focus

At its peak, the Quang Nam Rubber Investment Joint Stock Company (VHG) was one of the hot stocks on HOSE. However, in its glorious times, the leaders of this business made the wrong decision of focusing on real estate as their primary business, pushing their core business to the side.

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HCMC needs autonomy and increased revenue for development

According to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phong, Chairman of the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, the City People's Committee is preparing a proposal to adjust percentage of revenue that will be divided between the Central Government and the local government. As per the proposal plan, the proportion of revenue reserved for HCMC will gradually increase over the next ten years from 2020-2030 from 18% to 33%.

Mr. Cua and ST25 rice.

Global recognition for Vietnamese rice strain

Ho Quang Cua is an agricultural engineer based in Soc Trang Province in the Mekong Delta Region in the South of Vietnam where he has been working diligently for more than two decades with his team of associates to develop a strain of rice that now has been recognized as the “World’s Best Rice”.

In a factory of Duc Thanh.

Vietnam’s wood industry up against many challenges

The wood industry in Vietnam was expecting to reach a turnover of USD 11 bn in 2019. This was the new target, despite the agricultural, forestry and fishing sectors facing serious difficulties in manufacturing their products. Currently, the wood industry is entangled in setbacks that need to be resolved realistically, if it wants to retain its successful status.

P/E ratio of Vietnam’s stock market is currently at 16.04x, higher than the average level in 5 years of 15,5x, equivalent to other countries in the region (Bloomberg).

Potential market opportunities for first months of 2020

Many investors are disappointed with the market prospects for the future, mainly after the recent stock market correction, and the fact that the VN Index could not hold the 1,000-point mark. However, this does not mean that the investors have totally lost out on all opportunities in the short-term, especially for the first months of 2020.

ACB stocks maybe have a lot of strength in 2020.

Two major stock groups for investors in 2020

Investors have a choice of two major groups in the current stock market, namely, banks and real estate, even as the income statement in 2019 of listed businesses continues to show a gap between industries as well as stock groups.

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PGBank faces uncertain future

According to the latest disclosure by Petrolimex Group Commercial Joint Stock Bank (PGBank) and HDBank, a merger between the two banks will be complete by June 2020.