Although China has pumped 1,200 billion yuan to stabilize its financial market, there is no need for Vietnam to loosen monetary policy.

Expanding monetary policy in wake of Covid-19

The negative impact on the national economy, as well as all countries neighboring Vietnam, from the sudden spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, has led to suggestions of expanding monetary policies to make it easier for businesses to maintain growth.

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No stimulus package against fear

Stimulus packages are launched by governments to increase demand and encourage people to consume and spend more.

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Bancassurance will support growth in all banks

As credit growth becomes more tightly controlled, it leaves little room to improve the Net Interest Margin (NIM), as many banks are also increasing service fees for cross-selling activities. Among these, the insurance channel through banks or Bancassurance, is now becoming an important growth driver, especially in the Life-Insurance segment.

Novaland real estate trading floor was deserted due to COVID-19 scare.

Real estate waiting for COVID-19 to pass

For the last two weeks, several real estate trading floors in Ho Chi Minh City have opened for business with adequate advertising and a variety of products to offer their customers. However, business activities are running sluggish and trading floors are quite deserted. 

COVID-19 creates lull in US-China Trade War

COVID-19 creates lull in US-China Trade War

In early 2020, the world heaved a sigh of relief when the US and China agreed to a truce by signing phase one of the ongoing trade war between the two countries.

Will THADI rescue HVG escape their problems?

HVG-Disgraceful fall from Leading Position

The Hung Vuong Joint Stock Company (HVG) was once a leading seafood processing enterprise and was called "Pangasius King". However, reckless investment decisions led HVG to lose its top position and face a drastic and disgraceful fall in its fortunes to the level of bankruptcy.

Covid-19 caused a negative impact in the tourism industry and aviation.

Efforts to maintain economic growth

The unforeseen development of COVID-19 epidemic will challenge the economic growth target of 6.8% this year. Recently, the Ministry of Planning and Investment had proposed two growth scenarios that were lower than the set target.

The steel industry is a typical victim of anti-dumping duty in major markets such as the US, Canada, the EU, even with partners who have signed FTAs with Vietnam. Photo: LONG THANH

Countries have adopted protectionist approach

In recent years, many countries have adopted a protectionist approach in tackling issues such as the economy and jobs creation, to ensure a better balance in trade dealings.

The textile and garment industry will benefit from EVFTA, but whether Vietnam's economy benefits from EVFTA or not depending on specific solutions. Photo: LONG THANH

EVFTA poses challenges and opportunities

The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) and the EU-Vietnam Investment Protection Agreement (EVIPA) between Vietnam and the European Union (EU) have been approved by the European Parliament.