Breeders in Mekong Delta suffers heavy losses from massive shrimp die-offs

Breeders in the Mekong Delta have suffered heavy losses from massive shrimp die-offs due to white spot disease while scientists are finding treatment to help farmers to minimize the loss.

A shrimp pond in the Mekong delta (Photo: SGGP)

A shrimp pond in the Mekong delta (Photo: SGGP)

Approximately 115 million tiger shrimps and 358 million white shrimps died of the white spot virus within three days.
People’s Committee in Tra Vinh today said that from the beginning of the year, farmers in the province have cultured 1.21 billion breeding tiger shrimp on 17,430 hectares of ponds; simultaneously, they also cultured more than 2 breeding white- legged shrimps on 3,600 hectares of ponds.
Bad weather and increase of salinity have had a negative impact on the region’s shrimp breeding industry.
Farmers in Soc Trang, Ben Tre and Kien Giang are in despair because of climate change. Chairman of People’s Committee in Ngoc To Communes Vo Van Choi revealed that shrimps in 51 hectares of ponds died. Massive shrimp die-offs and low price have made breeders cry.
Presently, a kilo of white-legged shrimps numbering about 50, 60, 100 now fetches VND120,000; VND110,000 and VND76,000 respectively while a kilo of tiger shrimp that has 30 shrimp is priced at VND155,000.
Breeders of baby clam in coastal areas in the region suffered the same fate. Tien Thanh Baby Clam Cooperative in Chau Thanh District of Tra Vinh Province announced 30-40 percent of baby clam in 9 hectares died because of bad weather.


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