Alpha King launches Alpha Star Club

On 6 September, Alpha Star Club was officially launched at ‘The Sense’ by Alpha King, an international real estate developer.

Alpha Star Club is expected to have viewership of leading real estate brokers in Vietnam.

Alpha Star Club is expected to have viewership of leading real estate brokers in Vietnam.

This unique launch was attended by 200 salesmen who were specially selected out of 16,000 sales personnel working in Vietnam’s real estate market.

Alpha Star Club is expected to be a dramatic show, with real people and real events. It will bring both smiles and tears to its audience as it will show the true picture of professionals operating in the field firsthand.

Factors to clinch a successful real estate deal

The real estate market has been developing consistently across the country, and the legal framework is becoming more effective, with foreigners now also being allowed to buy homes in Vietnam. The economy has become more stable now, and it is these two factors that have made Vietnam an attractive place for foreign investments.

Many foreign real estate consulting companies have entered the Vietnamese market, opening opportunities for salesmen in Vietnam to approach a wider resource base of regional and international investors.

There have been many deals with trading value of more than one million USD. However, the higher the value of the deal, the more sophisticated the services asked for by clients.

In the high-end segment there are four factors which determine the success of a sale, namely, the architecture, the location, facilities provided, and the benefit of long term investment. However, in making a successful deal, the role of the salesman is very important. The salesman provides adequate information to clients, and helps them in decision making.

According to Jobstreet Vietnam, based on a survey of wages of applicants in 2019, real estate brokers and salesmen have always been on the top of most attractive and lucrative jobs.

The role of a salesman is very important. The salesman provides adequate information to clients, and also helps in decision making.
Nonetheless, in order to succeed in this job, which offers high payback and flexible working hours, the salesmen have to keep up-to-date with their knowledge and have good consulting skills. Real estate brokers and salesmen are expected to be in the highly skilled job category in coming times.

In Vietnam, it is not easy for salesmen to gain the trust of all clients amidst the reality that many immature and amateur brokers with a lack of ethics are still working as real estate consultors.

Role of a salesman

Many people choose to become real estate salesmen because they want to help clients find their dream homes, or merely because they like to share the emotional happy moments with clients when they finally buy a house of their own. But as is the case in other jobs, real estate salesmen find it hard to stay on with their jobs and also make this job their long term career.

With this in mind, Alpha King decided to launch the Alpha Star Club, to encourage salesmen to improve their knowledge and skills, create professional salesmen in the Vietnamese real estate market, and thereby change the perception of society for this job.

Alpha Star Club is expected to create more professional brokers for the high-end segment through intense training courses that will be supported by many experts in sales, architecture, the legal system and skilled negotiators in the Vietnamese real estate market.

Nguyen Nga

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