Slow pace in restructuring of state owned enterprises

Privatization and Divestment from State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) is one of the more effective strategies to restructure the economy, and one which will create a huge positive influence on the public sector. However, so far the effectiveness of this process has been limited given the slow pace of progress.

Abivin nhận giải thưởng cao nhất tại World Cup Startup ở San Francisco vào ngày 17-5.

Abivin to bring new solutions in logistics to Vietnam

Abivin, a Vietnamese startup that won the prize at TechFest 2018 and Startup World Cup 2019 (USA) for providing AI technology supply chain solutions for enterprises, has faced difficulties in applying this model in practice. The company has been working hard consistently to gain the trust of institutional clients.

Although considered a big port in the South, it is still an Inland Container Depot, not a logistics center.

Development of Logistics Centers Necessary

Logistics plays an important role in the development and economic growth of a country. However, Vietnam still has no strategy or master plan for developing this sector.

Advising customers at VietCapital. Photo: LONG THANH

Banks need solutions to raise long-term capital

In order to raise long-term funds for lending, most banks pay their clients attractive deposit rates. However, many customers have to consider seriously before depositing in the banks because if they withdraw earlier than maturity date they will not receive the interest. To meet both the demands of banks as well as clients, most banks have offered their customers the service that allows customers to use their deposit as collateral to get a bank loan.

Vietnam must pay attention to environmental issues.

WB support for Vietnam to develop economy and society

The World Bank (WB) has been helping Vietnam build a strategy to develop the economy and the society in the next 10 years. So what is WB really supporting in Vietnam and what is the core of this strategy? SGGP Investment & Finance had a discussion with OUSMANE DIONE, Country Director of WB in Vietnam, to further understand this issue.

SCB is the joint stock commercial bank with the largest total assets, only after 4 state-owned commercial banks.

Huge difference in chartered capital of banks

At the end of April 2019, the total assets and total chartered capital of banking and credit institutions stood at VND 11,214,000bn and VND 582,000bn, respectively. In which the state-owned banks constituted 44% and 25.6% of the total assets and total chartered capital of the system, while these numbers in commercial banks were 41.3% and 46.2%, respectively. However, looking deeply into the data, we see a big difference in assets and capital among banks.

The proportion of state capital in BIDV is too large, up to 95.28%.

Government should hold controlling interest in only two banks

In a discussion with SGGP Investment & Finance on the issue that the State Bank requires other ministries to resolve the current legal problems and proposes the Government and National Assembly revise the legal framework in a way that the regulations will allow the government to use the state treasury budget to increase the chartered capital of state owned banks, Dr. Tran Du Lich, former Deputy Head of the National Assembly Delegation of Ho Chi Minh City said: 

Illustrative photo.

Growth of corporate bond investment

The corporate bond market has developed remarkably recently thanks to huge issuances of domestic enterprises and the support of Decree 163/2018/ND-CP which helped ease the issuance criteria. The corporate bond market is expected to continue being developed transparently in both quality and quantity. The rights of investors have been more protected with the target to make the corporate bond market a key fund raising channel of enterprises to reduce the credit burden for the banking system.

Vinfast, the Vietnamese car brand, is not 100% produced in Vietnam, but product information clearly determines the origin of components and re-assembly locations.

Vietnam must build more national brands

International trade brings benefits for all participants. Hence, most countries and manufacturers have volunteered to be linked and integrated with others to gain the benefits from international trade, including benefits from trade competition, commercial disputes, as well as benefits from projects which are implemented for the general purpose of social development.