Locating Vietnam Stock Exchange

On 7 January 2019, the Prime Minister issued a Decision 32/QD-TTG, approving the plan to establish the Vietnam Stock Exchange based on a parent-subsidiary model and the reorganization of the Ha Noi Stock Exchange (HNX) and the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE). As per this Decision, HNX and HOSE will be turned into two subsidiaries of the Vietnam Stock Exchange, which means there will be three stock exchanges in Vietnam, one parent company and two subsidiaries.

North-South Expressway project not economically viable

North-South Expressway project not economically viable

At a discussion with Sai Gon Investment, Asst. Professor, Dr. Vo Dai Luoc (picture), former Director of Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP), and former Member of Economics Research and Consulting Team of Prime Minister, said that uncertain economic viability of the North-South Expressway project has currently become a controversial issue.

Banking stocks lead current market

Banking stocks lead current market

After HOSE added BID (Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam) to the VN30 list, banking stocks are at leading position in the market today. Furthermore, based on positive first half results, the banking sector is expected to be the leader for VN-Index in coming times.

Making Ho Chi Minh City a regional and international financial center

Making Ho Chi Minh City a regional and international financial center

Ho Chi Minh City is currently building a plan to make the City into a regional and International financial center. The strategy is being highly appreciated but it is a long, complicated and challenging process to realize it in actuality. Sai Gon Investment had a discussion with Dr. Truong Van Phuoc (picture), member of Economic Research and Consulting Team of the Prime Minister, former Acting Chairman of National Financial Supervisory Commission, to further understand this issue.
Potential to attract  FII from UK

Potential to attract FII from UK

Officials from the Ministry of Finance and representatives from various Vietnamese enterprises have just completed a trip to UK to promote Foreign Indirect Investment (FII) into Vietnam. At a discussion with Sai Gon Investment, Dinh Tien Dung, Minister of Finance said that this has been the most promising trip ever.

Shark Tank Television Series of Vietnam.

Startups still new to Vietnam

The community involved in developing startups in Vietnam has been growing significantly over the last few years. At the end of 2018, Vietnam had about 3,000 startups. Now is the time to screen good startups for further investment and development.

Abivin nhận giải thưởng cao nhất tại World Cup Startup ở San Francisco vào ngày 17-5.

Abivin to bring new solutions in logistics to Vietnam

Abivin, a Vietnamese startup that won the prize at TechFest 2018 and Startup World Cup 2019 (USA) for providing AI technology supply chain solutions for enterprises, has faced difficulties in applying this model in practice. The company has been working hard consistently to gain the trust of institutional clients.

Although considered a big port in the South, it is still an Inland Container Depot, not a logistics center.

Development of Logistics Centers Necessary

Logistics plays an important role in the development and economic growth of a country. However, Vietnam still has no strategy or master plan for developing this sector.

Advising customers at VietCapital. Photo: LONG THANH

Banks need solutions to raise long-term capital

In order to raise long-term funds for lending, most banks pay their clients attractive deposit rates. However, many customers have to consider seriously before depositing in the banks because if they withdraw earlier than maturity date they will not receive the interest. To meet both the demands of banks as well as clients, most banks have offered their customers the service that allows customers to use their deposit as collateral to get a bank loan.