Hoan My Medical Corporation has new Chairwoman

(DTTC) - Recently, Clermont Group (owner of Hoan My Medical Corporation) has appointed Ms. Vu Thuy Anh as Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Hoan My Medical Corporation.

Hoan My Medical Corporation has new Chairwoman

In addition to her role as Chairwoman, Ms. Vu Thuy Anh is Chief Executive Officer of The Clermont Group in Vietnam. She oversees all national investments and has a proven track record of investing in local people and businesses across the region.

The appointment of Ms. Vu Thuy Anh emphasizes the Clermont Group’s long-term commitment to the Hoan My medical corporation, and the shared vision of continuing to make Hoan My the most trusted healthcare provider for the aspiring middle class of Vietnam.

Ms. Vu Thuy Anh is the successor of Mr. Martin Robinson for a 6-year term at Hoan My Medical Center.


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