Chinese chip designers warn Beijing risks missing tech target

Chinese chip designers, whose business has flourished under Beijing's desire for a homegrown semiconductor industry, are warning it will be impossible to meet national targets for a viable, independent sector without access to U.S. technology.

Agifish at risk of bankruptcy

The decision to add An Giang Fish-AGF (Agifish) to restricted list of HOSE is another slap on long-term shareholders of a company which once was considered the most successful business model in An Giang Province.

Renault agrees to support Nissan's management reform plan

Renault and Nissan Motor have ended their dispute over the French automaker's representation on new committees at its Japanese partner, paving the way for reforms following the arrest of former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn last November on charges of financial wrongdoing.
Modi's government has no time to lose.   © Hindustan Times/Getty Images

India's economic hangover

Narendra Modi's post-election honeymoon has been brief. No sooner had the Indian prime minister started celebrating his thumping endorsement in the May parliamentary elections but bad economic news began pouring out thick and fast.
Vinaconex  Change to reach out

Vinaconex Change to reach out

(ĐTTCO) - “Vietnam Construction And Import-Export Joint Stock Corporation (Vinaconex) is a great and respectful trademark. To be successful, we must build a class model of superior and own identity”, said Dao Ngoc Thanh, Chairman of Vinaconex. Accordingly, Leader Board of Vinaconex decide to strongly reform, so that the Corporation will reach out far..

A person uses her cellphone to photo the procession by thousands of devotees to celebrate the feast day of the Child Jesus in Manila, Philippines. A consortium led by the parent of China Telecom has been granted a license to run the Philippines' third tel

Philippines hoists cyber shield against China Telecom

China Telecom's future operations in the Philippines will be closely monitored by a government-operated cybersecurity platform specially designed to guard against spying and other online threats.

China has been the production base on which Apple's global success has been built. (Nikkei Montage / Reuters)

Apple mulls shifting 15%-30% of output from China amid trade war

Apple has asked its major suppliers to evaluate the cost implications of shifting 15% to 30% of their production capacity from China to Southeast Asia as it prepares for a fundamental restructuring of its supply chain, Nikkei Asian Review has learned.

Google and Facebook harming news media – U.S House panel

Google and Facebook harming news media – U.S House panel

House lawmakers castigated major tech companies for being unfair gatekeepers to content produced by traditional media outlets, but they didn’t agree on specific actions to address possible anticompetitive behavior.

Public sector not core of economy

Public sector not core of economy

In evaluating the role and effectiveness of the public sector and its restructuring process, many experts believe that in most countries the public sector has been operating less effectively than the private sector. 
Challenges facing economic growth in 2019

Challenges facing economic growth in 2019

The ongoing trade war between US and China has lasted for nearly a year. However, its impact on Vietnam’s international trade and investment is still not clear. The movement of manufacturing enterprises from China to Vietnam is happening in parallel with many other ongoing changes. Hence, it is very hard to determine the influence of the trade war on Vietnam’s economy.